Accepting Mother = Accepting Life

accepting mother

A mother is the life giving source to every child in the womb. All the essential nutrients required to develop a healthy baby are provided by her and to top it all the pains she undergoes while birthing a baby are beyond our imagination. Even though the umbilical cord is cut off after the birth, still there is a bond between the mother and the child for a lifetime. This cord is invisible, but the care and warmth is felt throughout life. No matter what religion it is, each teaches to respect and honour our mothers.

Dwelling deeper into this concept of respecting her, let us look at it from a different view point. There is always a generation gap in the thought process between us and our mothers. But still, there is one thing which cannot be taken away from her and that is this life which she has given us. No matter how you feel about her, how much you disagree with her, but let us not forget that she never judged us while birthing or while giving us all the essential nutrients while carrying us in the womb. She deserves all the respect and love irrespective of what she believes and thinks.

My recent learning at Hellinger Sciencia in Germany about Family Constellations strengthened this belief even more strongly as to how dis-allowing her love to flow through us smoothly in life can create entanglements in our life. Whether it is being successful professionally or in relationships, one needs to accept this life which mother has given us by accepting her and her love. There will be disagreements as each is a different individual and hence will carry a different point of view, but when it comes to her, let all of this melt down. The next time you look at your mother, gaze into her deep eyes which are awaiting to feel your love. Gaze at her with respect and honour she deserves.

I am indeed grateful to my mother to give me this life and I cherish it completely. Let us all make a promise that whatever she has given us, we will make the best of it. This will surely make her feel proud. As you’re reading this, whether your mother is with you in the physical form or not, feel her essence in you and be happy and accepting of that part which is her in you. I am sure this will make a huge difference in your life. And lastly, don’t forget to be grateful towards her for all that she has given.

Blessed be all the mothers!!!