Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Wow, yet another year celebrating the biggest day in everyone’s life – Mother’s Day. Indeed, it is the most special day in every child’s life. And why not, she is the one along with our father to bring us into this world. We are nothing less than love descending from our mother.

But the question arising in my mind today is that do we need to shower our love and affection on our mothers only on this day? Will only Mother’s Day remind us of all the efforts and love she has put in us over the years?

The answer to this is simple – a bow of gratitude a day for all that she has given us and made us can be the most satisfying feeling for everyone. It isn’t necessary that we do it physically but at least in our heart we can keep this feeling of gratitude forever.

Since it is a special day for all of us, we can even make a promise to ourselves – feeling of respect, gratitude and honour forever for her and secondly being non-judgmental about her. I feel after all her energies being with us without any expectations, then this is just a small token of respect from our side.

One more thing I would like to highlight here is to treat our mothers as humans only and not GOD. This is so because giving her the position of GOD, we expect no mistakes from her and this is what makes us feel judgmental about her and creates more differences of opinions between us. But of course, she is the most important HUMAN BEING in our life as our being is her gift!!

There is one more mother we forget quite often and that is Mother Earth. She too has given us everything and is supporting in all possible ways to support Life. It’s time to respect and honour here too. She may not be in the physical human form, but she is around us at all times.

Come join me in celebrating Mothers Day with just closing your eyes for a few minutes. Stand erect and bow down and say – Mumma, I love you, respect and honour you. Thank you for giving me this life and I accept all that you have given me with love and respect.

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mom’s out there!!