Regretting is Going Against the Power of Life


We all have some or the other regrets in life, some may be concerning our professional lives while some may be concerning our personal lives. But yes, there are regrets. Have you ever noticed when you think about these regrets, how does it make you feel? I mean what kind of thoughts run in your mind and how does your body respond to it?

Well, at the time of thinking about regrets, all of a sudden the energy in the body starts fading away, the thoughts are really very clumsy or to say down in spirits. My question here is – Is regretting giving one the power to go back in the past? And isn’t that whatever is happening in life is nothing but a small picture of the larger movie that we are a part of? Of course yes, we are thinking from a very individualist perspective while regretting. Whereas if we can let our heart show the picture of what the learning is in it, then there is no reason to regret.

Another deeper thought to this is that we have got wired deeply to regret as since ages this is the same pattern going on and has got embedded into us. But isn’t it the time to re-wire ourselves? Yes. Indeed it is time to change now. One may feel powerless to change these kind of behaviors, but the easiest thing to start with can be accepting everything the way it is.

One can never swim in the opposite direction oft he waves. It is impossible. Similarly, only after giving this situation of regret a place in your heart can you move forward.

Look at this situation with love and hold the picture of courage in your heart. Because in the end, it is the courage that helps you chart the most difficult waters of life. So, what are you waiting for, life is looking at you to welcome you. Now is the time dear friends!