The Missing FATHER from the Family System

The Missing FATHER from the Family System

For millennia we have been talking only about how hard our mothers work out to nurture us and make us beings who we are today. Of course, it is a commendable job of every mother to love and comfort their children unconditionally at all times. They provide us with the feeling of safety and security. As a little one, we can feel her warmth when she wakes up in the middle of the night hearing our crying or managing our tantrums. Most of her childhood feelings and building of our personality is all connected with the mother.

But, there is one more person who stays away from the limelight, is in the background supporting us and our needs – FATHER. Yes, it is our father who is never seen in the front as a supportive personality towards shaping our feelings and emotions. Yet, he is the one who unconsciously becomes a bridge between us and the world. The mother takes the front foot when it comes to expression of feelings and emotions, still it is the FATHER who is connected to the outer world.

When one wants to succeed in life, you need your mother for sure, but we also need to take our FATHER in our heart. Seldom is he acknowledged for his support. In today’s world, it is both the mother and the father earning. But still, it is the father who is always in charge of the finances. Mother is the emotional face, while fathers may look stubborn, it deep down our progress in the real world depends on our connection with him.

The father’s love may not look a very warm and caring one. Yet he is one who takes you towards the vastness that you can achieve in your life. By saying this, it does not mean that only Fathers need to looked at for success in life, rather it has to be – Loving the mother, moving through the mother towards the father and with the father moving into this world.

It is time to connect back to these fathers in our Family System and let the roots become stronger once again. Let us acknowledge all the hard work and efforts that he puts in which is going unnoticed since millennia. Let us take back the fathers of the family system back in our hearts again with love, respect and honour.