Can I get my ancestral property back?

Effects of fighting over Ancestral Property

Issue: Rajesh in his late 40s has been struggling and fighting court cases to get his grandfathers piece of land which was falsely acquired by his grandfathers brothers son. His grandfathers dying wish was that he gets the ownership of the land back. But Rajeshs father was definitely never interested in this court case thing. Rajesh who was 21 at the time of his grandfathers death took this matter too seriously and has been fighting with his cousin uncle since 20 years.

Resolution: Representatives for the grandfather, Rajesh, the land and the grandfathers brothers son were selected. The lands representative clearly wasn’t feeling secure with the grandfathers presence and said I was snatched two generations ago and was forcibly taken by the grandfathers grandfather. So, this representative was feeling like a victim in front of this dead grandfather.

The grandfathers brothers son was just trying to end the victim perpetrator relationship between the land and the grandfather. But, still all was entangled. Rajesh was doing this because he was carrying the heavy fate of the grandfather. So, we released the heavy fate first from all the representatives. There was forgiveness done with the land and all the other representatives did a healing movement of gratitude. This lightened the energy of the entire field. One of the most essential thing to do with land is give her a lot of gratitude because she is Mother Earth.

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Now, the land was feeling better and blessing all the representatives. The grandfathers brothers son was still feeling heavy. Another representative for the past owners from whom the land was forcibly taken were called in. These were original owners and then a healing movement of forgiveness and gratitude was done again. Other therapeutic steps were also taken to heal the situation. This brought about complete peace and harmony between all of them.

After 2.5 months Rajesh called in stating that the grandfathers brothers son has withdrawn the case. And six months later, the entire family met up after more than two decades celebrating on that same land.

Learning from the case: As the land needs honour, respect and gratitude, so do the original owners of the land. It is important that in any deal in life, dignity, respect, gratitude and love are maintained, or else our descendants pay a heavy price for it.