The Natural Laws of the Family System

The Natural Laws of the Family System

The Natural Laws of the Family System

The Universe has its laws which govern the existence on Earth. These are natural laws for survival. We aren’t able to survive when we are out of alignment of these laws. Hence, it is essential to understand what these laws are. How do they form the basis of our DNA, what kind of actions cause interruptions in the flow of love within the DNA system? Of course, the very foundational basis for these laws is the LOVE which is pure and unconditional. Let us understand these laws:

The Law of Belongingness:

We all belong to our system, to our DNA. No one has the right or the power to deny belongingness to another person. Whether the other person is a murderer or did something against the wish of their family, still the right to belong in the system cannot be seized. Each person living or dead has a unique position in the family system. When this law of belongingness is interrupted by denying someone this belongingness, the flow of love is interrupted.

Example: Not long ago when the caste system was at its peak, there were instances when people married out of their caste system. , and they were stripped of their belongingness from their family systems. Taking their names at family gatherings or communal get-together was prohibited. This is how the system got entangled. The descendants repeated similar patterns. When we look at these patterns deeply, we can see these ascendants crying out for belongingness. Once, these missing ascendants are given their rightful position in the system and our hearts with love, the entanglement is resolved, and the flow of love is restored.

The Balance of Giving and Receiving:

Nature works on achieving balance. And this is a crucial law responsible for our survival. Any relationship will thrive and prosper when there is an equilibrium of giving and receiving. When love is given and received with love and gratitude, the cycle is complete. But if one person is always at the receiving end and the other one at the giving end, then the relationship will die sooner or later. But this does not apply to the relationship with parents because they have given us this life, and nothing can balance this giving of life. Hence, we need to accept this life from them with gratitude.

In any relationship, when one person gives, it is a natural tendency for the other person to provide a little more. But sometimes, we are unable to understand that if someone is giving us pain, then we need to stop the cycle there. We shouldn’t be giving back hurt a little more. It becomes a never-ending cycle. Hence, it is essential to recognize the entanglement and stop unhealthy giving and receiving. Love thrives when there is healthy giving and receiving of love and other healthy emotions.

The Priority of Bonds:

The elder ones will always have their position higher than the younger ones. Even though the younger ones may think they have excelled over their elders, they still will be more youthful in their place in the family system. Respecting this seniority is essential in relationships. For example, the wife from the first marriage will have priority over the second wife. They both belong to the system, but the first wife comes before the second one. When these hierarchies aren’t respected, our descendants are entangled. Someone from the future generations feels drawn to these entangled energies and faces the situations.

These were just a few basic Natural laws of the Family System having a profound effect on our day-to-day living. One may not realize the working of these laws until you start seeing patterns in your life. And to see patterns, we need to dig deeper into our lives, being honest and accepting of whatever comes to light.