The journey to uncover patterns that were repeating

The journey to uncover patterns that were repeating


Rahul in his late 40’s read about Family Constellations in a newspaper. This was his beginning of the journey to uncover patterns that were repeating in his financial area. He contacted me to understand the real reasons for these patterns. Rahul was electronics engineer and employed by one of the best in the industry. The real issue was his work being never acknowledged and he was back stabbed by his superiors. He shared during his initial interview that his father had the same issue his government job. His paternal grandfather was murdered by a co-worker at his job over issues of promotion. So, we could clearly see a pattern of making enemies at work.


A constellation was set up with a representative for Rahul, his father, grandfather and the male lineage. The males in the family were constantly looking at the floor at some dead person. We placed a female representative and the males immediately wanted to lay down next to this woman. This female representative reported to have been thrown out by the great grandfather. It was supposed to be an extra marital affair and this woman bore children out of this affair. Neither the children nor this woman was given any place in the family.  The woman cursed the men of the family to never succeed as the great grandfather used money to throw her off the village too.

The males of the family were carrying this curse and hence weren’t able to succeed in their careers. The pending atonement was done and forgiveness too. The woman and her children were given their due position in the system. This brought peace in the male lineage. It was the place of the great grandfather to take the ownership of his deeds and lay down next to his victim. When this was done within the field, all was in balance. The descendants could now look at their careers and money energy with love and safety. Rahul’s representative reported to feel much lighter and happier from within.

Two months later, Rahul reported that he was promoted and was offered to move to another country with promotion.

Learning from the case:

When there is an imbalance in the system where kids born out of wedlock are not recognized, it creates hindrances for the descendants to move forward in life. The descendants carry the burden of those who are left out and, in a way, sacrifice their success for the recognition of the left out. Hence, it is important to acknowledge the left out and give them their due position in the system to allow the flow of love and life in balance.