Can we change the DNA with our thoughts?

Can we change the DNA with our thoughts

Before getting into the details of this question, let us first understand what is the DNA? Our DNA is an energetic imprint of all the thoughts, emotions, feelings, happy moments, traumas and pain experienced by our lineage. Our lineage consists of our parents, grandparents and our ancestors.

Whatever they have experienced in their lives whether it was pain or pleasure, happiness or grief, all of it has been coded in our DNA. Hence, when we are born, we take life from them as well as their beliefs and their unprocessed emotions too. In fact, we even form our habits, take their facial features based on this energetic information we receive from the DNA.

So now coming back to the question – Can we change the DNA with our thoughts? The answer to it is yes, but it requires a lot of effort for clearing the negative energetic imprints. These imprints are traumas, grief, pain which is stored in the DNA.

Of course, we are a result of love of so many generations before us. At the same time, these generations also experienced other painful emotions which need to be released.

For example, a great-great-grandfather had to leave his home town due to earthquakes and destruction. The pain he went through of separating from his homeland as well as from his near and dear ones is stored in the DNA. And generations later, the grandson today feels lonely even though his family is right with him.

He is actually experiencing the pain of this grandfather which remained unprocessed within. Hence, to change the DNA with thoughts, we need to release the pent-up emotions. 

Family Constellations is a wonderful modality to address this issue. It helps you to understand the source of the suffering that can be released to restore love in the DNA. Releasing these negative imprints of suffering, trauma and grief can help one to witness the change in their energy which starts from the thought process.

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We tend to think the same thoughts over and over again at our subconscious level. Hence, when energy work on the DNA or the family system level is done, we tend to release those emotions which were constantly coming up.

In fact, sometimes thoughts can lead us to the unprocessed emotions awaiting to be addressed. Hence, they can act as a bridge to understand what is happening at the subconscious level along with the feelings we feel within.

In all, changing the way you think can certainly help build in new positive imprints in your DNA. But for that, you need to work a little for the past generation to make this happen.