How to Raise Vibrations of your Home

How to Raise Vibrations of your Home

Our homes are a reflection of our thoughts, emotions and feelings. This is because we spend a lot of time doing things like eating food, having a party over or perhaps loving our partners.

Hence, it is obvious that our home holds the energetic imprint of our being. This is one of the top reasons why it is always said that our home should be an inviting space so that we feel safe as well as are able to think clearly.

Our home is a sacred space where we tend to sow seeds of our future. Whether it is about starting a family or new business ideas; they all germinate in this sacred space. Regularly cleansing the energy of the home and raising its vibrations should be our priority always.

Understanding what kind of energetic imprint, we are leaving in the house is necessary. For example, if there are a lot of fights in some home-space, you will notice that when you enter such a space, you will feel heavy and drained out too. This is because the energetic imprint of the house is full of heavy emotions of anger and rage which are known to drain a person’s energy.

Likewise, when you enter a home which is peaceful, family members support and care for each other; automatically this space feels comfortable and inviting.

This is why it is important to constantly keep a check on the energy of the house. One needs to ensure that there are no fights and that people should live comfortably with each other. Rather than holding grudges against each other, it is better to talk it out and resolve the internal issues.

Here are a few tips to bring in more sacred element and raise the vibrations of your home:

  • Having more oxygen-producing plants can help people to relax their energies. Because sometimes, lack of oxygen can be the reason for house members to feel drained out.
  • Clear unnecessary clutter from the house, ensure there are no spider webs.
  • Meditate on the house regularly. Ask the house what is making it feel heavy and what emotional imprints need to be released.
  • Ensure that food isn’t wasted much in the house. If there is extra, feed the needy.
  • Let the entrance of the house be inviting by placing from fresh flowers in the water element or placing a fragrant flower plant at the entrance. Ensure there are no shoes or other clutter laying right at the door.
  • Smudge your house with herbs to let go off any negative energies at least twice a week.
  • Make an altar where you place the five elements of nature, element of ancestors, some offerings and keep it clean. Additionally, placing some crystals on the altar can be excellent too.

Remember, that the more your home is relaxed and at the same time full of positivity, it will help you stay focused on your life purpose.

You can even listen to a small talk on how to raise the vibrations of your house below: