Time to Bring Back Rootedness


The way we are moving directionless today is taking us away from our roots. Family dinners or celebrating holidays are becoming more of a social event than exchanging love and sharing a bond.

Do you remember those days when as a child we heard great stories from our grandparents about their own childhood? Well, I do remember a lot of them. But what touched my heart then and now is that they told stories of bonding, connecting with one another.

Of course, today our lifestyle is the culprit of not having the sharing and caring. But energetically, there is a lot of fear, sadness and grief in our family system which is unprocessed.

We are not healing from within, when I say this, I mean – We are not acknowledging these emotions of sadness, grief, unprocessed traumas or untimely deaths of the loved ones. We are trying to mask them, and the result is our connection becoming weaker and weaker with each passing moment.

Of course, the times have changed, and we want to have more of our individual space. But, the unprocessed needs to be out. These emotions too need completion. If we see the bigger picture, deep within inside too we are not connected with ourselves.

We want to be individuals, but yet we cannot let go off the fact that we are the result of love of our ascendants. They are alive within us. And to feel complete, we need to complete these unhealed emotions and feelings. We need to include our exclusions.

The first step to bring back rootedness in our being is to ACKNOWLEDGE. Start with acknowledging your parents, grandparents and their unprocessed feelings within you. Take one day at a time and acknowledge each of them individually.

It is time to look into these scars which are hiding within. The shadow needs to come out now to heal itself. These emotions and feelings too have their own energy and at times subconsciously we feel safe with them.

Hence, we don’t want them to go. But remember, we are beings to create new experiences in the human form. We shouldn’t be repeating the same patterns and the same experiences as our ascendants.

We need to GROW and THRIVE. This can happen when we allow ourselves to create new experiences. And this is possible when we let go off the old, complete the incomplete puzzle and create room to something new to happen. 

In this New Year, let us begin this journey of creating new experiences by completing and healing the unhealed emotions and feelings. With this, I wish you all a wonderful New Journey of Self-Discovery!

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