5 Simple Methods to Connect with your Family System

5 Simple Methods to Connect with your Family System

Being connected to our Family System in a healthy way is necessary for the smooth flow of love and life in our space. Hence, it is important to create ways for connecting with our ancestors and our family system energetically.

Family Constellations is a modality which can show the root causes of systemic imbalance. But following these simple methods can help you lighten up your own connection to your system. These are simple methods which can also help you clear quite some imbalances automatically. 

Below is an introduction video to our family system:

1. Waking up with Gratitude

The moment between sleeping and waking up completely is your divine time to create a positive imprint in your life. Hence, in this moment do this simple visualization to create a healthy connection with your system.

All you need to do is visualize your parents, grandparents and your family system in your mind’s eye. And simply say – “I thank you for this life that you’ll have given me with love. I will do something good with this life.”

This is a very powerful statement as it opens new doors to achieving success in your daily acts. Doing this as a daily ritual can be best gift ever you can give yourself.

2. Creating an ancestral Altar

Creating an ancestral altar will help their energies to be in your space. A simple altar with their pictures, some offering like fruits and placing some crystals is a good idea. This will constantly remind you of all the goodness they have to offer.

Before heading out of the house, bowing down to this altar in respect and gratitude will connect you strongly and healthily to your family system. Saying a small prayer of your love and respect towards them will lighten you from within.

3. Visiting your Ancestral Roots

It is a good way of reconnecting with your roots. Visit your ancestral home or village and allow yourself to feel that deep connection with the space. We do carry imprints of our ancestors in us.

Visiting your ancestral roots is like viewing their memories but from a different perspective. One may feel overwhelmed when they connect with their ancestral space as it brings up a lot of unprocessed emotions and feelings.

It will also help you to release this burden that you’ve been carrying. This will happen because a lot of it will emerge in your consciousness and it will help you to release it as well.

Another important aspect will be invoking the emotions of the success your ancestors achieved. Visiting the ancestral roots can help awaken the positive feelings as well.

4. Be in your position in the Family System

There are times when we overtake the responsibilities of our parents or grandparents. This is where the imbalance in the Family System begins. Hence, it is important to see if you’re overtaking some elder’s place.

Be in your position in the Family System

For example, a daughter trying to be the emotional support for the father when the mother is emotionally unavailable for the father. This disrupts the energy flow.

Every day visualize in your mind’s eye your position of being a child of your parents as well as the order of your position in the sibling lineage. This will help you to come back to your original positioning in the system as well as release any heavy burden that you’re taking in.

5. Growing with the strength of Ancestors: 

Allowing yourself to tap into the energy of ancestors will help you grow from within. For every achievement in your life, say thanks to your ancestors for creating this experience for you.

Each time you succeed tell them – “With each success I achieve, all my ancestors, my parents and grandparents are succeeding too. We all succeed together.”  Saying this statement will release your obligation that you cannot succeed because your ancestors did not get a chance. It will help you connect positively with your Family System.

These are the simple methods you can apply in your life on a day-to-day basis to connect with your Family System. I am sure you will experience a new positive energy developing within you.