Building an Ancestral Altar

Ancestral Altar

As we know, we carry the blessings as well as the sufferings of our ancestors within us. Transforming the nightmares into a source of power can bring a considerable change in our lives. One such ritual found in almost all the traditions is building an ancestral altar. This practice is a worship space, but it is also a sacred tool to connect deeply with the ancestral strength. Celebrating the omnipresence of ancestors in our lives helps to bring in love and compassion in our lives. It helps to break the chain of sufferings and heavy fate coming from the ancestors. Almost every religion or sect has a way of connecting with its ancestors. Building an altar is the simplest way.

The following exercise can be done to build an altar:

  • Find a space that is quiet, clean, and appeals to you for building an
  • Dress up the place You may use a clean cloth to place pictures and other items to depict your ancestors. Using shells, decorative ribbons, or perhaps your ancestors’ personal belongings can be used to place in the altar.
  • I like using crystals on the For example, clear quartz to ensure that you receive clear messages from the realm of the ancestors. Likewise, rose quartz or green aventurine can help spread the energy of love and compassion coming through the ancestors.
  • Use some photographs of your great grandparents, grandparents, or anyone else from the ancestry. This will help you personalize the feeling of it being an ancestral Also, sometimes these pictures help you connect deeply.
  • Use pictures of your ancestral house or land from where you Again, this small picture will help you to re-establish your connection to the land where you belong.
  • Have different kinds of offerings each For instance, it can be fruits, some food, or anything else that connects to you.
  • Place all the five elements of nature on your Light a candle, always have a glass or bowl of water, if possible, get some mud from your ancestral land, and playing some wind musical instrument can be a great way of honoring your ancestors.

Importance of building this ancestral altar:

 Building an ancestral altar will help you invoke the energy of your ancestors. Spending a good 15 minutes a day at the altar will help you feel belongings to this beautiful lineage you belong to. It is like building a personal spiritual corner for yourself. This altar acts as a legacy of your ancestors to whom you belong. It is a reminder on a subconscious level that you inherit the life-force energy coming from them to you. One can feel the abundance that our legacy has to offer us. The power of creativity will flow once again, making you feel vibrant from within.

Hence, I suggest people build such an altar to connect to the Divinity present in each of us.