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About Anchal Anurag Jyoti

Anchal Jyoti

For more than a decade, Anchal Jyoti is committed to spreading the awareness of living LIFE to the fullest. She believes in letting go off all the mind-made struggles and limitations. Her experience with touching countless lives inspires her to move ahead with renewed energy and power. She considers herself to be a student of LIFE.

Anchal has been exploring the spiritual side of her personality since the age of seven. Being an intuitive, she has the ability to connect with people not just on a mental or physical level, but on a soul – level making her clients feel safe with her.

Anchal Jyoti considers herself grateful to be born in a family where she was supported by them in expressing her curiosity about life in an unconventional manner. Getting trained in many healing modalities like Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression and Family Constellations has given her a deeper insight about how the human mind and heart work, how feelings and emotions play a major role in our lives.

She says, “Training in Family Constellations helped me see a different dimension of how our ancestors have an impact on our lives, how DNA stores and holds information for generations. It helps me to connect with people and their family system on a very profound level.

I am lucky being able to connect with the past and the present at the same time.” She is thankful to Bert Hellinger, Sophie Hellinger and all the teachers at Hellinger Sciencia, Germany for the deep learning.

She uses a blend of knowledge and wisdom she has gathered over decades and uses them aptly as to what suits her clients and students. Anchal encourages people to look at LIFE for a bigger perspective and experience the abundance LIFE has to offer.

She invites everyone on this journey with her to become co-creators of their DESTINY.