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Releasing Addiction

If you talk to an addict and feel what they are saying, you will feel the unsaid and unexpressed pain of some ascendants. Most of the times, they are unaware as to what is the core of their addiction.

There is always an unanswered question – why did I get this addiction? We all want to live a happy life, but when there is a shadow of addiction, life becomes tough and our present and future both look hazy. So, where do these addictions originate from?

Addictions are the way of our family system’s intelligence to highlight pains and adversities of our ascendants which are laying unprocessed.

Unconsciously, when one taps into these pains and unresolved emotions, they are entangled. It is more than they can handle consciously. Hence, the feeling is to remain in a state of hazy consciousness.

In this state, their conscious mind is not able to feel that kind of pain, but sadly the pain is still there in the subconscious. To understand how addictions become a part of one’s life, click here to read on the case studies.

Family Constellations can help you uncover the origin of the emotions responsible for one attracting the addiction in their life. This can be released and the person can set themselves free from their addictions.

A typical plan for releasing addictions can be:

  • Identifying the unprocessed emotions in the Family System (i.e. DNA)
  • Releasing these emotions and the entanglements that one is in with Family Constellations
  • Sessions to improve their determination level to stay out of their addictions
  • Re-programming their energies for moving forward towards growth, happiness and success.