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Time to Bring Back Rootedness


The way we are moving directionless today is taking us away from our roots. Family dinners or celebrating holidays are becoming more of a social event than exchanging love and sharing a bond. Do you remember those days when as


Can we change the DNA with our thoughts?

Can we change the DNA with our thoughts

Before getting into the details of this question, let us first understand what is the DNA? Our DNA is an energetic imprint of all the thoughts, emotions, feelings, happy moments, traumas and pain experienced by our lineage. Our lineage consists


Understanding Family Constellations reference to Bhagwad Gita

Understanding Family Constellations with Essence of Geeta

Chapter # 1 Becoming the Light of your System "दुर्जन: सज्जनो भूयात् सज्जन: शान्तिमाप्नुयात् | शान्तो मुच्येत बन्धेभ्यो मुक्तश्चान्यान् विमोचयेत् ||" "durjanah sajjano bhūyāt sajjanah śāntimāpnuyāt śānto mucyeta bandhebhyo muktaścānyān vimocayet" Meaning of the Shloka: In this shloka, Krishna is