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Depression, Anxiety & Mental Illness

Hurt vs angry

Family Constellations does not aim at replacing medical advice, but it can be an alternative option to help deal with the situation. It is often believed that depression and mental illness runs in the DNA.

Well, actually the study of epigenetics clearly indicates that trauma is transgenerational too, meaning it can be passed from one generation to another.

Families who suffer from trauma due to war victims, holocaust victims, family members died in mysterious circumstances often have unprocessed emotions, feelings, sorrow and grief.

This is what passes on from generation to generation until a resolution is reached. Hence, depression and mental illness runs in families.

Family Constellations can help not just individuals suffering from depression or mental illness, but families can actually set themselves free from these stacked and unattended traumas, emotions and feelings.

In fact, there are times of unexplained panic attacks and the individual is clueless about the reasons. Briefly, I would say at times it is the entangled energies coming up to the physical surface to heal themselves. All of this can be looked at with Family Constellations.