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What is different about Family Constellations?

Family Constellations focuses on not just healing at an individual level, rather it helps to bring about a healing movement at the family system level and addresses those hidden loyalties which are otherwise undiscovered. It helps one to dive deeper into those hidden dynamics and entanglements quickly which are otherwise not visible in the conscious environment.

Secondly, the method that Family Constellation uses is roping in representatives who have no information about the client’s background and they move into the energy field by just focusing on their body sensations and deep inner feelings and emotions. These movements are not decided by the representatives, rather it is the calling from the field which shows up itself as well as the entanglements with these representatives.

What is the Knowing Field?

“Knowing Field” is a term created by Albert Mahr, a German physician, psychoanalyst and one of the leader’s in Family Constellation work. This “Knowing Field” is nothing but the Family Soul who has all the information. British biologist Rupert Sheldrake describes this as “morphogenetic field” – a unifying force that accounts the patterns of behaviour in social groups. This field of energy helps the constellations to happen as it guides the representatives as well as facilitator about what may be the possible reason affecting the client.

In fact, if we take a closer look at life we are surrounded by the “knowing field” always. Whatever guidance we receive is actually coming from this field. Even though there are different aspects of life and they all may have different energy source and act independently, but the core is that they are all interconnected and over-lapping to greater or lesser degrees.

The study in the field of “Knowing Field” is still in its initial phases, but for now this is what can be understood about it in a nutshell.

A Video from www.sheldrake.org

Can the representatives be biased or mix their own feelings with the client? Who benefits in the session?

No, the representatives are connected to the family soul of the client at that moment and hence they cannot mix up their feelings with that of the client. Anyone who is playing the representative is going to benefit from the constellation in some way like having a shift in some of the issues that they are facing. But this does not mean, that the constellation is happening for them and not for the client. Even a mere observer can benefit from a Family Constellation session as the energy field has an impact on everyone who are either mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually present in that moment.

Is Family Constellations psychodrama?

No, Family Constellations isn’t psychodrama. It does not merely deal with the events happened in the past in the client’s life as in psychodrama. Rather, it deals with the entire Family System and finds out the hidden root cause of the issues. It exposes the hidden dynamics of the Family System which have never come to light otherwise.

For example, a woman who is unable to have a stable relationship in her life is confused and clueless about the actual reason for this issue. On doing a Family Constellation’s session, she becomes aware that the paternal great grandmother was abandoned by the great grandfather for other woman and she lived all her life struggling to raise her children. This woman is deep within loyal to this great grandmother in her suffering and is carrying the fear that men cannot be trusted.

So, here we can understand that Family Constellations definitely goes into the deeper realms of the Family System and helps one to find the origination of the issue.

What should be my objective for going through a Family Constellation’s session?

 Bringing in  peace and restoring the flow of love in the Family System should be the primary objective of a Family Constellation’s session along with healing the hidden family dynamics. Releasing the entanglements like processing the heavy fate or taking upon the heavy fate of ancestors or acknowledging the ones who are hidden in the family are other objectives accomplished in the session. At times, it is processing the stored grief and sorrow of the war or the natural disasters which are witnessed, but those emotions were frozen at that time.

 For example, a wife lost her husband in a war while she was pregnant. Now, her granddaughter is experiencing unknown grief and sorrow, showing withdrawal symptoms. On doing a Family Constellation’s session, this hidden grief and sorrow is resolved. She is set free from the burden she is carrying which originally belongs to her grandmother. Once released, the flow of love and womanhood is restored. The grand daughter is now free to create new life experiences for herself.