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Module 2: Journey with the Parents

Journey with the Parents

Parents are our life givers. But, out of blind love and loyalty towards them, we take a lot more than just life. This module brings to light what patterns we take and how to resolve them.

The course content is as follows:

  • Understanding the position of parents and self in the system
  • Learning the laws like Respect & Honour, the loyalty of children and Giving & Receiving with the Parents
  • Mother is our connection and origin of life and what role does she play in our personal as well as professional life.
  • Looking at your own Mother and exercises to find entanglements as well as releasing them.
  • Father is too our life giver and seeing at the role he plays for our survival in the physical world.
  • Looking at your own Father and exercises to find entanglements as well as releasing them.
  • Guided Meditations with both the Parents individually.
  • How to grow and nurture yourself with their energies
  • The interrupted movement towards the mother and the father ā€“ healing this movement of LIFE
  • Addictions and the missing Father
  • Healing the Birth Trauma like Caesarean or any other trauma at birth
  • Looking at the Giving and Receiving with the Parents
  • Exercises in Groups and Pairs
  • Exchanging Feedback and working on it

Requirement: Open heart to learn, but completion of Module 1 recommended

Number of Days: 4

Price: 35,000/-