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Module 4: Health and Diseases

Each family system has a history of health issues and diseases. This level is dedicated on understanding the roots of the diseases. There are times when a particular disease is classified as genetic, hence understanding its energetic ground is important.

The course content is as follows:

  • Looking at those who are unacknowledged in the system
  • Finding out conflicts and energetic entanglements leading to diseases
  • Embracing the powerlessness over tragic deaths due to diseases and giving it the rightful position in the system
  • Looking at the entanglements blocking Love and Life to flow in the system
  • Giving the due position to the members with heavy fate
  • Acknowledging the victim-perpetrator relationship in the system
  • Giving the victims and perpetrators their due position
  • Guided Meditations to release the heavy fate as well as victim-perpetrator energies
  • Exercises in pairs and groups to look at the system deeply
  • Exchanging feedback and working on it
  • Constellations to understand how the system works and see for how the energies speak

Requirement: Open heart to learn, but completion of Module 1 recommended

Number of Days: 3

Price: 30,000/-