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Module 5: Conscience and its effects

Conscience is existing on different levels in our lives. There is personal conscience which is the sum total of the beliefs we have on a personal level collected from our own experiences coupled with the experiences in the DNA, experiences coming from the environment and our religion.

Then there is society conscience, religious conscience and so on.  This level is dedicated to understanding the different levels of conscience and their effects on our lives.

The course content is as follows:

  • What is the good conscience and bad conscience?
  • Our relationship and belongingness to the conscience
  • The effects of our conscience in building our beliefs and how these beliefs transform our lives
  • Uncovering the conscience of our ancestors and the limiting beliefs they have produced
  • Constellations to understand how conscience has its effects and makes us weak
  • Setting free from the conscience and allowing yourself to create a new world and a new perception to look at things
  • Guided meditations to understand what is the effect of conscience
  • Exercises to look at your relationships which are cramped but are still continuing because of conscience
  • How does conscience affect you to look at your parents as GOD?
  • Exchanging feedback and working on it

Requirement: Open heart to learn, but completion of Module 1 recommended

Number of Days: 3

Price: 30,000/-