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Stopping Unwanted Thoughts


A guided meditation to let go off unwanted thoughts.

* We Do Not Provide Refunds on Digital Products.


Are you tired of the constant thoughts running in your mind? Do you feel mentally drained out with these unwanted thoughts?

Well, then here is a guided meditation to let go off the unwanted thoughts. Did you know that you have been thinking almost 50% the same thoughts as your parents, grandparents and ancestors? Yes, this is a fact. This guided meditation will help you release these imprints and help you to re-focus on what is of importance and priority.

** We Do Not Provide Refunds on Digital Products.

1 review for Stopping Unwanted Thoughts

  1. Shlok Gupta

    I was always under tremendous pressure of constant thoughts running by my mind. Day in and day out I was always feeling anxious and like I am in deep depression. A friend of mine suggested that I should listen to this meditation and that is when I purchased it. The first I heard it was just before going to bed. I thought after listening to this meditation, again my night ritual of thinking will begin, but to my surprise, I felt asleep. I think it was after 10 years that I feel asleep instantly after doing any meditation. I have been to Vipasaana as well. But it was still difficult to control my thoughts. And now it has been more than two months, I am listening to it everyday.

    I will strongly recommend this meditation to everyone who feel anxious or unable to think good things in life. Thank you Anchal for putting up this beautiful piece of work.

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