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Relationship Issues

Meditation for Relationship Healing

Relationships form the basis of our lives. Our relationship with parents or partners or children or even our business relationships have a strong impact on our lives. Hence, when there are issues in relationships, we feel the other areas of our lives getting impacted too. This is where Family Constellations can help to identify the root causes of relationship issues.

For example, if there is a repetitive pattern of attracting abusive partners, then it is important to identify the reason for attracting abuse in life. Family Constellations can help to discover the imbalance in the Family System as well as help to process those emotions and feelings which are unprocessed.

Healing the relationship with Parents:

Our parents are our life givers. They are the first relationship we form in our lives. The study of epigenetics has proven that our DNA carries not just physical attributes from our parents, grandparents but it also passes on trauma, emotional and ecological issues as well.

Hence, there are times when we feel disconnected, unwanted or misunderstood by our parents, we need to dig deeper. Family Constellations is a modality capable of uncovering the reasons and healing your relationship with parents.

A healthy relationship with the parents at all the levels of our existence is the key to succeeding in life. As mentioned before, they are our life givers, hence our relationship with them is the corner stone for attracting stable relationships, thriving careers in our lives.

When issues like heavy fate or unprocessed grief are there in the system, it becomes heavier for us to establish a healthy connection with our parents. Family Constellations is packed with tools and methods to release the unhealthy trauma, grief, sorrow; thereby opening new doorways to living life.

Separation from partners

After parents, we trust our partners for living a healthy emotional life. But then, there are times when we realize that we were not meant to be together. That is when the process of separation starts.

Of course, the process of separation is very painful because it does break the dreams and hopes of two people. Separation often happens bitterly leaving unpleasant memories, emotions and feelings. But, when two people separate with respect and gratitude towards each other, it allows them to move forward in life.

Grieving is important when a relationship breaks. Family Constellations can help to release this grief as well as sorrow from the relationship corner of life. It can be help to go through a spiritual way of separation where there is no blame or grudges towards each other. Rather, each partner takes his/her responsibility of what went wrong in the relationship and moves forward in life wishing each other good.

There are times when after separation or divorce, people still feel something amiss or are unable to move forward in new relationships. This is where Family Constellations can help them to release those unprocessed emotions, feelings as well as the trauma of the separation process. The result is that one is then able to open new doorways for relationships in their lives.