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Module 3: Relationships & Parenthood

Shalini & the issue of Conception

As we mature, we enter into relationships with opposite sex. When we get into a relationship, we start a new life. Two people bring together their own share of experiences on a personal level as well as on a systemic level. As the relationship matures, we enter into parenthood. This module is all about experiencing relationships and parenthood.

The course content is as follows:

  • What is the Order of Love in relationships?
  • How does our relationship with parents affects our relationship with our partners?
  • Dealing with our ex-partners and the children born with them
  • How to become a Man and Woman in the influence of the Father and the Mother?
  • How to love our partner spiritually?
  • Giving a place to our ex-partners
  • The hierarchy of relationships in the family like the place of parents, partners and children
  • The influence of parent-in laws and their position in the family system
  • Abortions and miscarriages with our partners
  • Guided Meditations to see our partners, parents and children in the spiritual light
  • Exercises to re-align the hierarchy of relationships
  • Exercises to let go off the past and make place for new
  • Exchanging Feedback and working on it
  • Understanding the unsaid words during the Constellations, picking up energies while exercises

Requirement: Open heart to learn, but completion of Module 1 recommended

Number of Days: 3

Price: 30,000/-