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Services We Provide (Areas where Family Constellations can Help)

Stress Management

Today, stress has become synonymous with life. So, the question is can stress be really eliminated from our lives? And the answer is yes. But, wait did you know that our epigenetics are also responsible for our stress? According to Dr. Tim Sharp – founder and psychologist at The Happiness Institute, “We’re more likely to have our stress responses influenced by Epigenetics.” This may sound a little out of place, but the truth is if one or both of our parents have experienced high stress levels as a child, even before we were born, then the DNA is manipulated at its cellular stage. The result is that we have been passed out this stress.

So, does the above mean that since our DNA has got affected with the stress faced by our parents, grandparents and ancestors, we cannot thrive and we have to live with it? Definitely NO. It is possible to release the stress elements from our DNA lineage and move towards thriving in life. Family Constellations is a modality which can help you to see the origin of stress from your lineage and then release it too. This will help you and your descendants to no longer be a part of the heritage which is holding you back in life.

For starters, you can meditate to release those thoughts and emotions of your ascendants to bring about a balance in the quality of thoughts. Our meditation – “Stopping Unwanted Thoughts” can help you with this first step towards healing. If you would like to book a session or talk about it more to explore your healing path, please click here.