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Deepak Goenka
Deepak Goenka

My experience with Family Constellations has been mesmerising. Be it a session or any workshop on Family Constellations with Anchal Jyoti, it has always had a positive curve in my life. This modality has re-connected me to my DNA. I could now understand why my affirmations were incomplete and unanswered. The exercises done in the workshop have been an eye-opener, helped me to understand why balance was missing in my life. Now, that I am in a good space mentally, emotionally and physically, I make it a point to silently wish everyone Happiness, Joy, Laughter, Abundance and Love. My suggestion to everyone reading this testimonial will be to experience this mesmerising modality once with Anchal.

Name withheld on request

I had been struggling with my career, health and relationships for several years, a feeling of discontent and dissatisfaction in every area of my life. I had tried several modalities of healing and while there was some improvement, I was unable to break the pattern of attracting destructive relationships in work and friendships. As a result I began to feel stuck, and was slowly going into a depression. This is when I met Anchal. Her understanding of my problem was incredible! In one session of family constellation she managed not only to get to the root of my problem but within a week of following her guidance I began to feel more whole, positive, hopeful and less confused. Through the session I felt she understood my feelings even before I expressed them and that was a relief. I found family constellation therapy to be a powerful modality that has allowed me to move on with my life with more positivity and joy than I have felt before….


I always thought that I was not a loved child and that my siblings were loved more and given more importance by my parents. This is when Anchal came into my life with Family Constellations as the answer. During the constellation, I witnessed the role of my parents and the unconditional love they have towards me. I could feel from my heart their love and support for the first time. Definitely my way to see through life has changed and there is a shift in my thought process making me feel more confident and worthy of this life from within. Family Constellations therapy is definitely a must try by everyone to become free of those burdens which have been haunting our lives since a long time. Thank you Anchal for sharing such a beautiful therapy with me.

Ms. Bhatia (first name withheld on request)
My first introduction to Anchal was through Speaking Tree when I read her article on Family Constellations. She said that she does only 3 sessions per issue and honestly this is what interested me. I went with my issue for not being able to re-construct a house on our ancestral land. And in the first session itself it was showing my Pakistani roots of the ancestors. When I asked my father about it, he said yes my grandparents had to leave Karachi overnight leaving behind all their wealth as well the house too.
In fact my grandparents lost 5 kids in the mass killing as well as my paternal great grandma was killed. This is exactly that showed up in the second constellation. I came to know deep inside my father never felt India as his home and so did his parents. My father was born three years after moving to India. So, after all the release work was done, Anchal recorded a guided meditation too for us.
My father cried the first time he did the meditation and he did not know why. But then I started seeing little shifts in him. He began being more chirpy around us which my mother and brother noticed too. And now after 3 sessions and three months, we are here being able to co-develop our land, build a huge building. We are keeping our fingers crossed to let this work finish as per the estimated time line.
We finally achieved our goal and for the first time my father said he has more money than expenses. Thank you Anchal for this experience which is beyond words to express.
Jasdipti Singh
Jasdeepti Singh

It has been a long journey of transformation, full of positive changes since I met Anchal in 2009. Her sessions to handle my emotions during my divorce and post legal separation re settling with my son in a new city , collecting and understanding self-better . Professionally handling the tough people and calming myself down during various ups & downs of life alone, without any support system. Her sessions, therapies various FC’s to re discover self and be a better person are simply phenomenal. Over the period, I know myself better as a person and strongly recommend others to undergo FC’s and other therapies offered by Anchal to break the same patterns & cycles we face in our lives – be it emotional or our thoughts. With immense happiness and pride, I stay thankful to Anchal forever, for her brilliant work and support to me!